AG Sessions Orders Tougher Prison Sentences
as the ‘Right and Moral Thing to Do’

The most “serious” crimes are determined by which offenses carry the longest sentences, according to guidelines.AG Sessions

The policy shift is intended to advance public safety and promote respect and consistency for the legal system, Sessions said today during public remarks, adding that it is the “the right and moral thing to do.”

“I trust our prosecutors in the field to make good judgments,” he said. “They deserve to be unhandcuffed and not micro-managed from Washington.”

What’s new

Exceptions for what can be charged will only be allowed with approval from a U.S. attorney, an assistant U.S. attorney general or a designated supervisor. This takes away the discretion from prosecutors to charge a lesser offense but leaves some level of flexibility in place….read more

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By:  Geneva Sands, ABC News
Published:  May 12, 2017
Source:  ABC News

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