Free Exercise of Religion (Part 1): Evolution of Prisoner Rights

By Expert : Gary DeLand| Posted : Monday, June 26th, 2017

  By Expert:  Gary DeLand The Right of Free Exercise Free exercise of religion is one of the most valued of the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Many of the earliest settlers in the American Colonies emigrated from Europe to avoid religious persecution (e.g., the Puritans, the Huguenots, the Quakers); thus, the Founding…


Voluntary Exposure in Jails & Prisons–Do your policies protect you?

By Expert : Tate McCotter| Posted : Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Expert : Tate McCotter Correctional officers regularly deal with inmates who voluntarily disrobe – actions which can lead to compromising situations that can adversely affect the safety, security, order and discipline of the jail.  Voluntary exposure by an inmate is connected to a variety of key issues that present serious liability and administrative issues which are…


Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Law Enforcement–What Would Society be like Without Law Enforcement

By Expert : Darin Durfey| Posted : Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Expert : Darin Durfey Does it seem that the rhetoric and criticism of law enforcement is getting worse with each passing day?  Have you ever wondered what may happen if Law Enforcement decided to “walk off the job”?  What would American society look like without law enforcement?  These are all real questions that every citizen,…



By Expert : Mike Haley PhD Recently, I was  asked to develop a training block on CAREER ENDING MISTAKES.  While working on the presentation, I realized that MISTAKES is not the proper word, thus the strike-through in the title.  CHOICES is more appropriate, and there is a critical difference between the meanings of the two words. Mistakes are actions or judgments that…


Photographing Arrestee Tattoos

Many facilities across the country photograph the tattoos of incoming detainees. The photographs of these tattoos are used as a classification and identification tool. One of many informative variants that can be obtained from these tattoos are links or ties to gangs and or security threat groups(STGs).