Conferences & Seminars

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Connect your agency with the nation’s best jail experts and trainers affordably.  Click the link provided here to see a list of UPCOMING JAIL TRAINING SEMINARS, CONFERENCES AND EVENTS.

  • IN-DEMAND ISSUES and TRAINING TOPICS.  The National Institute for Jail Operations has the ears of the sheriffs and jail administrators. By keeping pulse with the hottest issues facing our jails, the focus can remain on important training topics yet remain flexible to adapt the training based on those who are requesting it using a unique operational model. If your agency is interested in hosting regional or national training Contact Us for details. There are many resources available to assist with the implementation of specific training, the development and assistance of jail training academies and multiple training sessions, for example.
  • QUALITY PRESENTERS.  The National Institute for Jail Operations conducts extensive research and post-training surveys to ensure instructors base their presentation on updated case law and are familiar with the operations of jails specifically (rather than law enforcement or other outside subsidiary or support organizations). If you are interested in becoming an instructor for the National Institute for Jail Operations, contact NIJO Staff.
  • AFFORDABILITY. When considering strained budgets, administrators need a variety of options. Accessibility, travel, lodging and overtime are all factors that limit the level of quality training accessible to jail staff. The National Institute for Jail Operations offers a variety of affordable training taught by the best instructors available. For some agencies, the online training may be the best fit given their location. Others may prefer to attend or host a regional training given the demand or need for a specific training topic.

To register for a live seminar please click on the event you want to attend, then click on the “REGISTER” button.  If you have any questions please email our training staff