With the emergence of the NIJO Legal-Based Jail Guidelines, sheriffs and jail administrators across the country have openly expressed the need for legal-based policy and procedure.  While the NIJO Legal-Based Guidelines provide an outline and parameters for legal-based jail policies, many agencies lack the staff, resources and time to be able to fully develop them.

Thru a partnership between the National Institute for Jail Operations and DeLand and Associates, the most complete set of legal-based policies and procedures are now available for sheriffs and jail administrators.  Every policy further contains rationale and annotation as applicable to support the policy and procedure.  The NIJO Model Policies and Procedures coincide with the NIJO Legal-Based Guidelines, auditing and risk management tools and legal-based training offered through NIJO.

Agencies can choose from over 400 legal-based policies and procedures and 26 chapters.

The model policies and procedures are written to provide guidance to jail officials.  As an aid to officials, most of the chapters are annotated with case law and/or statute citations; however, neither the citations nor the written policies should be construed as legal advice.  The legal requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another.  Each chapter should be reviewed with the agency’s legal advisors before adoption and implementation.

Key features that make the NIJO Model Policy and Procedure uniquely successful include:

  • Legal-based specific to each state with Rationale statements and Annotation
  • Reduce liability and proactive defense against prisoner-filed litigation
  • Policies include procedures
  • No extra software or hardware necessary
  • NIJO backed and supported
  • Model Policy is synced with other NIJO legal-based resources.


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