Table of Contents

Model Policies and Procedures


Part 01.          Introduction

01/01.01          Function of Policies and Procedures

01/01.02          Adopting and Updating Policies and Procedures

01/01.03          Guides to Construction

01/01.04          Policies and Procedures as Training Outline

01/02.01          Copyright and License

01/02.02          State-Specific Polices and Procedures


Part 02.           Organization and Administration

02/01.01          Mission and Goals

02/02.01          Organization: Chain of Command

02/02.02          Organization: Command Structure

02/03.01          Authority and Administrative Relationships

02/04.01          Communication: Official

02/04.02          Communication: Exigent

02/05.01          Workplace Rules: Drug and Alcohol Free Environment

02/05.02          Workplace Rules: Smoke Free Environment

02/05.03          Workplace Rules: Hostile Work Environment

02/06.01          Inspections: Internal Audits

02/06.02          Inspections: State Standards Compliance Audits

02/06.03          Inspections: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

02/06.04          Inspections: U.S. Marshals Service

02/06.05          Inspections: Litigation Discovery Inspections

02/06.06          Inspections: Other Legally Mandated Inspections


Part 03.           Information Management and Records Access

03/01.01          Access to and Protection of Records

03/01.02          Classification of Records

03/01.03          Response to Information Requests

03/01.04          Denials and Appeals

03/02.01          Litigation Discovery Demands

03/02.02          Habeas Corpus-Related Document Requests

03/03.01          News Media Access to Information, Prisoners, and Facilities


Part 04.           Staff Conduct

04/01.01          Code of Conduct: Overview

04/01.02          Code of Conduct: Staff Interaction/Communication

04/01.03          Code of Conduct: Performance of Duty

04/01.04          Code of Conduct: Dereliction of Duty

04/01.05          Code of Conduct: Insubordination

04/01.06          Code of Conduct: Unlawful or Dishonest Conduct

04/01.07          Code of Conduct: Conflicts of Interest

04/01.08          Code of Conduct: Abuse of Position

04/01.09          Code of Conduct: Prohibited Association/Conduct

04/01.10          Code of Conduct: Discrimination

04/01.11          Code of Conduct: Substance Use and Abuse

04/01.12          Code of Conduct: Interference with Official Business

04/01.13          Code of Conduct: Jeopardizing Security or Safety

04/01.14          Code of Conduct: Personal Responsibility

04/01.15          Code of Conduct: Political Activity

04/01.16          Code of Conduct: Personal Appearance

04/02.01          Staff Misconduct: Overview

04/02.02          Staff Misconduct: Impairment

04/03.01          Sexual Harassment: Prohibited Conduct

04/03.02          Sexual Harassment: Management Elements

04/03.03          Sexual Harassment: Complaints and Investigation

04/03.04          Sexual Harassment: Prosecution

04/03.05          Sexual Harassment: False Claims


Part 05.           Staff Management

05/01.01          Staff Management: Overview

05/01.02          Staff Management: Performance Plans

05/01.03          Staff Management: Performance Evaluations

05/01.04          Staff Management: Corrective Action Plans

05/01.05          Staff Management: Staff Mentoring

05/02.01          Staff Grievances: Initiating Grievances

05/02.02          Staff Grievances: Grievances Procedures

05/03.01          Staff Discipline: Overview

05/03.02          Staff Discipline: Receiving Complaints on Staff

05/03.03          Staff Discipline: Investigations

05/03.04          Staff Discipline: Due Process

05/03.05          Staff Discipline: Penalties


Part 06.           Personnel:  Training and Development

06/01.01          Training and Certification Overview

06/01.02          Objectives and Outlines

06/01.03          Documentation Records

06/02.01          Training: Pre-Service

06/02.02          Training: Facility Training Officer (FTO)

06/02.03          Training: In-Service

06/02.04          Training: Supervision and Management

06/02.05          Training: Physical Fitness

06/02.06          Training: Firearms

06/02.07          Training: PREA


Part 07.           Admission and Release

07/01.01          Pre-Admission: Delivery and Initial Security Requirements

07/01.02          Pre-Admission: Transfer of Custody

07/01.03          Pre-Admission: Probable Cause Statements

07/02.01          Admission: Admission Searches

07/02.02          Admission: Verify Authority to Book

07/02.03          Admission: Standard Admission Process

07/02.04          Admission: Prisoner Property and Money

07/02.05          Admission: Photographs and Fingerprints

07/02.06          Admission: DNA Sample Collection

07/02.07          Admission: Showers and Clothing Exchange

07/02.08          Admission: Probable Cause Determination

07/02.09          Admission: Telephone Calls

07/03.01          Atypical Admissions: Juveniles

07/03.02          Atypical Admissions: Probation and Parole Violators

07/04.01          Atypical Admissions: Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Prisoners

07/04.02          Atypical Admissions: Work-Release Prisoners

07/04.03          Atypical Admissions: Illegal Alien Arrestees

07/04.04          Atypical Admissions: Aliens Legally in Country

07/05.01          Intake Screening: Overview

07/05.02          Intake Screening: Medical

07/05.03          Intake Screening: Suicide Risks

07/05.04          Intake Screening: Mental Health

07/05.05          Intake Screening: Pre-Classification Risk Assessment

07/05.06          Intake Screening: Refusing to Admit Prisoner

07/06.01          Release: Bail

07/06.02          Release: Calculating Good Time

07/06.03          Release: Clearing Prisoner for Release

07/06.04          Release: Returning Property and Money

07/06.05          Release: Process


Part 08.           Classification and Management

08/01.01          Classification: Duty to Protect

08/01.02          Classification: Objectives and Function

08/01.03          Classification: Classification Review Officer

08/01.04          Classification: Training

08/01.05          Classification: Documentation

08/01.06          Classification: Records Access and Protection

08/02.01          Classification Process: Initial Classification

08/02.02          Classification Process: Overrides

08/02.03          Classification Process: Classification Review Officer

08/02.04          Classification Process: Challenges

08/02.05          Classification Process: Reassessments

08/03.01          Classification Factors: Overview

08/03.02          Classification Factors: Compatibility

08/03.03          Classification Factors: Separation Orders

08/03.04          Classification Factors: Pre-Trial/Convicted Prisoners

08/03.05          Classification Factors: Predatory and Dangerous Prisoners

08/03.06          Classification Factors: Identifying Gang Members and other Security Threat Groups

08/03.07          Classification Factors: Vulnerable Prisoners

08/03.08          Classification Factors: Juveniles Certified as Adults

08/03.09          Classification Factors: Communicable Disease

08/03.10          Classification Factors: Federal Contract Prisoners

08/03.11          Classification Factors: State Contract Prisoners

08/04.01          Special Management: Overview

08/04.02          Special Management: Threats of Harm

08/04.03          Special Management: Vulnerable Prisoners

08/04.04          Special Management: Predatory Prisoners

08/04.05          Special Management: Management of Security Threat Groups

08/04.06          Special Management: Homosexual and Bisexual Prisoners

08/04.07          Special Management: Ambiguous Gender Prisoners

08/04.08          Special Management: Prisoners with Mental Disorders

08/04.09          Special Management: Trusties/Working Prisoners

08/04.10          Special Management: Work-Release Prisoners

08/04.11          Special Management: Contract Prisoners

08/04.12          Special Management: ICE Prisoners

08/05.01          Housing: Rating for Classification

08/05.02          Housing: Living Area Assignments

08/05.03          Housing: Administrative Segregation


Part 09.           Suicide Prevention and Response

09/01.01          Suicide Prevention: Overview

09/01.02          Suicide Prevention: Screening, Evaluation, Classification

09/01.03          Suicide Prevention: Responsibility for Managing Suicidal Prisoners

09/01.04          Suicide Prevention: Supervision of Known Suicide Risks

09/02.01          Suicide Response: Suicide Attempt Response

09/02.02          Suicide Response: Suicide Response

09/02.03          Suicide Response: Reporting

09/02.04          Suicide Response: Investigation

09/02.05          Suicide Response: After-Incident Critique


Part 10.           Prisoner Discipline

10/01.01          Fair Notice for Prisoners

10/01.02          Prisoner Rules and Regulations

10/02.01          Prisoner Discipline: Overview

10/02.02          Prisoner Discipline: Conduct Code

10/02.03          Prisoner Discipline: Temporary Segregation and Restrictions

10/02.04          Prisoner Discipline: Responsibility and Authority

10/02.05          Prisoner Discipline: Initiating Disciplinary Action

10/02.06          Prisoner Discipline: Due Process

10/02.07          Prisoner Discipline: Appeals

10/02.08          Prisoner Discipline: Disposition and Sanctions

10/02.09          Prisoner Discipline: Criminal Prosecution


Part 11.           Prisoner Grievances

11/01.01          Grievances: Overview

11/01.02          Grievances: Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

11/01.03          Grievances: Prisoner’s Responsibility

11/01.04          Grievances: Receiving and Processing Grievances

11/01.05          Grievances: Frivolous or Malicious Grievances

11/02.01          Grievances: Training

11/02.02          Grievances: Use as Management Tool


Part 12.           Searches

12/01.01          Searches: Overview

12/02.01          Prisoner Searches: General

12/02.02          Prisoner Searches: Frisk and Rub Searches

12/02.03          Prisoner Searches: Strip Searches

12/02.04          Prisoner Searches: Probing Body-Cavity Searches

12/02.05          Prisoner Searches: Cross‑Gender Searches

12/02.06          Prisoner Searches: Substance Abuse Testing

12/03.01          Inventory Searches: Prisoner Clothing and Property

12/04.01          Area Searches: Cells

12/04.02          Area Searches: Other Living Areas

12/04.03          Area Searches: Support Areas

12/04.04          Area Searches: Deliveries

12/04.05          Area Searches: Transportation Transition Areas

12/04.06          Area Searches: Transportation Vehicles

12/05.01          Staff Searches

12/05.02          Staff Drug and Alcohol Testing

12/06.01          Canine Searches

12/07.01          Visitor Searches



Part 13.           Use of Force and Restraints

13/01.01          Use of Force: Overview

13/01.02          Use of Force: Criteria and Justification for Use of Force

13/01.03          Use of Force: Oleoresin Capsicum

13/01.04          Use of Force: Electronic Restraint Devices

13/01.05          Use of Force: Other Less-than-Lethal Options

13/01.06          Use of Force: Deadly Force

13/01.07          Use of Force: Preventing Escape or Recapture

13/01.08          Use of Force: Retreat by Jail Officers

13/01.09          Use of Force: Medical Examination and Care for Prisoners

13/01.10          Use of Force: Medical Examination and Care for Staff

13/02.01          Use of Restraints: Criteria for Use

13/02.02          Use of Restraints: Securing Prisoners in Restraints

13/02.03          Use of Restraints: Supervision and Care

13/02.04          Use of Restraints: Medical Review and Supervision

13/02.05          Use of Restraints: Supervision Logs

13/03.01          After-Action: Trauma Intervention and Debriefing

13/03.02          After Action: Use of Force Reports

13/03.03          After Action: Use of Restraint Reports

13/03.04          After-Action: Supervisory Review

13/03.05          After-Action: Administrative Review


Part 14.           Tactical Operations

14/01.01          Intelligence

14/01.02          Identifying and Handling High-Risk Prisoners

14/01.03          Preemptive Tactics

14/02.01          Emergency Reaction Teams: Overview

14/02.02          Emergency Reaction Teams: Strategic Versus Tactical Control

14/02.03          Emergency Reaction Teams: Qualifications

14/02.04          Emergency Reaction Teams: Training and Certification


Part 15.           Prisoner Supervision

15/01.01          Supervision: Overview

15/01.02          Supervision: Head Count and Reconciliation

15/01.03          Supervision: Living Unit Supervision and Surveillance

15/01.04          Supervision: Cross-Gender Supervision

15/01.05          Supervision: Preventing Escapes

15/02.01          Staffing: Overview

15/02.02          Staffing: Critical Posts

15/03.03          Staffing: Non-Critical Posts

15/02.04          Documentation: Surveillance Rounds

15/02.05          Documentation: Housing Unit Activity Logs

15/02.06          Documentation: Incident Reporting


Part 16.           Prisoner Communication

16/01.01          Communication: Overview

16/01.02          Communication:  Prisoner-to-Prisoner

16/01.03          Communication: Expectation of Privacy

16/02.01          Mail:  Standard Process

16/02.02          Mail:  Special Handling

16/02.03          Mail: Packages

16/02.04          Mail: Books

16/02.05          Mail: Publications, Newspapers, and Subscriptions

16/02.06          Mail: Sexually Oriented Materials

16/02.07          Mail : Postcards

16/03.01          Visits: Overview

16/03.02          Visits: Standard Process

16/03.03          Visits: Visitor Eligibility

16/03.04          Visits: Regulating Visitation

16/03.05          Visits: Special Requests

16/03.06          Visits: Denying or Revoking Visiting Privileges

16/03.07          Visits: Closed-Circuit Video Visiting

16/04.01          Telephone: Standard Procedures

16/04.02          Telephone: Rules and Regulations

16/04.03          Telephone: Monitoring

16/04.04          Telephone: Collect Calls


Part 17.           Access to Courts and Counsel

17/01.01          Legal Assistance: Overview

17/01.02          Legal Assistance: Access to Legal Resources

17/01.03          Legal Assistance: Notary Services

17/02.01          Privileged Communication: Mail

17/02.02          Privileged Communication: Visits

17/02.03          Privileged Communication: Telephone Calls


Part 18.           Facility and System Security

18/01.01          Overview

18/02.01          Facility Security: Control Stations

18/02.02          Facility Security: Door Security and Internal Access

18/02.03          Facility Security: Perimeter Security

18/02.04          Facility Security: Prisoner Movement

18/02.05          Facility Security: Inspections

18/02.06          Facility Security: Exterior

18/03.01          Security: Weapon Control

18/03.02          Security: Key Control

18/03.03          Security: Tool Control

18/03.04          Security: Chemical Control and Storage

18/03.05          Security: Staff Identification

18/03.06          Security: Visitor Identification

18/04.01          Fire and Life Safety: Overview

18/04.02          Fire and Life Safety: Locks and Lock Controls

18/04.03          Fire and Life Safety: Emergency Keys

18/04.04          Fire and Life Safety: Eliminating Ignition Devises

18/04.05          Fire and Life Safety: Limiting Fuel Load

18/04.06          Fire and Life Safety: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

18/04.07          Fire and Life Safety: Preparation to Receive Fire Fighters

18/04.08          Fire and Life Safety: Evacuation

18/04.09          Fire and Life Safety: Evacuation Training

18/04.10          Fire and Life Safety: Safety Threats Unique to Fires


Part 19.           Prisoner Transportation

19/01.01          Transportation: Overview

19/01.02          Transportation: Preparation

19/01.03          Transportation: Restraints

19/01.04          Transportation: Courts

19/01.05          Transportation: Medical

19/01.06          Transportation: State Prison or Other Jails


Part 20.           Prisoner Medical and Mental Health Care

20/01.01          Health Care: Overview

20/01.02          Health Care: Delegation of Responsibility and Authority

20/01.03          Health Care: Prisoner Refusal of Medical Treatment

20/01.04          Health Care: Requests for Personal Physicians

20/01.05          Health Care: Medical Co-Payment

20/01.06          Health Care: Contracting for Services

20/02.01          Medical Care: Overview

20/02.02          Medical Care: Screening and Examinations of Incoming Prisoners

20/02.03          Medical Care: Routine Medical Care

20/02.04          Medical Care: Emergency Medical Care

20/02.05          Medical Care: Medication

20/02.06          Medical Care: Pregnancy/Maternity Health Care

20/02.07          Medical Care: Special Diets

20/02.08          Medical Care: For Prisoners Following Use of Force

20/02.09          Medical Care: For Staff for On-Job Injury

20/02.10          Medical Care: Housing Prisoners Receiving Medical Care

20/02.11          Medical Care: Detoxification and Withdrawal

20/03.01          Off-Site Medical: Security

20/03.02          Off-Site Medical: Use of Restraints at Medical Facilities

20/03.03          Off-Site Medical: Discharge Check List

20/03.04          Off-Site Medical: Information Regarding Returning Prisoners

20/04.01          Dental Care

20/05.01          Eye Care

20/06.01          Mental Health Care: Overview

20/06.02          Mental Health Care: Screening and Examinations of Incoming Prisoners

20/06.03          Mental Health Care: Treatment Programs for the Mentally Ill

20/06.04          Mental Health Care: Involuntary Transfers to Mental Health Facilities

20/06.05          Mental Health Care: Involuntary Administration Of Anti-Psychotic Medication

20/06.06          Mental Health Care: Housing and Supervision of Mentally DisorderedPrisoners

20/06.07          Mental Health Care: Mental Health: Discipline of the Mentally Ill

20/06.08          Mental Health Care: Mental Health: Mentally Disabled Prisoners

20/07.01          Records: Overview

20/07.02          Records: General Access

20/07.03          Records: HIPAA


Part 21.           Prisoner Services and Programs

21/01.01          Overview

21/01.02          Indigent Status

21/01.03          Assessment of Costs

21/02.01          Money and Property:  General

21/02.02          Money and Property:  Receiving and Processing Funds

21/03.01          Commissary

21/03.02          Food Services

21/03.03          Laundry Services

21/04.01          Recreation and Leisure: General

21/04.02          Recreation and Leisure: Exercise

21/04.03          Recreation and Leisure: Library

21/05.01          Religion: Overview

21/05.02          Religion: Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

21/05.03          Religion: Access to Clergy

21/05.04          Religion: Reading Material

21/05.05          Religion: Diets

21/05.06          Religion: Jewelry, Clothing, and Other Items

21/06.01          Programs: Overview

21/06.02          Programs: Volunteers

21/07.01          Work Programs: Overview

21/07.02          Work Programs: Facility Trusties

21/07.03          Work Programs: Work Release

21/08.01          Treatment: Overview

21/08.02          Treatment: Alcohol and Substance Abuse

21/09.01          Education Programs


Part 22.           Major Incident Management

22/01.01          Emergency Response: Overview

22/01.02          Emergency Response: Incident Management System

22/01.03          Emergency Response: Commander Center

22/01.04          Emergency Response: Evacuation

22/01.05          Emergency Response: Emergency Containment Areas

22/01.06          Emergency Response: After‑Incident Critique

22/02.01          Emergency Preparation: Training and Drills

22/03.01          Incident Reports: Overview

22/03.02          Incident Reports: Primary Reports

22/03.03          Incident Reports: Supplemental Reports

22/03.04          Incident Reports: Structure and Format

22/03.05          Incident Reports: Review and Approval


Part 23.           Contingency Plans

23/01.01          Contingency Plans: Overview

23/01.02          Contingency Plans: Riots and Disturbances

23/01.03          Contingency Plans: Hostage Taking

23/01.04          Contingency Plans: Bomb/Bomb Threat

23/01.05          Contingency Plans: Escape from Facility

23/01.06          Contingency Plans: Escape During Transport

23/01.07          Contingency Plans: In-Custody Death

23/01.08          Contingency Plans: Serious Assault

23/01.09          Contingency Plans: Natural Disasters Defend in Place

23/01.10          Contingency Plans: Natural Disasters Requiring Evacuation

23/01.11          Contingency Plans: Fire

23/01.12          Contingency Plans: Loss of Power or other Utilities

23/02.01          Medical Contingencies: Pandemic Exigencies

23/02.02          Medical Contingencies: Exposure Control for Blood-Borne Pathogens

23/02.03          Medical Contingencies: Exposure Control for Air-Borne Pathogens

23/02.04          Medical Contingencies: Hepatitis B Vaccination and HIV Testing

23/02.05          Medical Contingencies: Post-Exposure Reporting, Evaluation, and Followup


Part 24.           Investigations

24/01.01          Investigations: Overview

24/01.02          Investigations: In-Custody Death and Serious Assaults

24/01.03          Investigations: Training of Investigators

24/02.01          Criminal Investigations: Purpose and Responsibility

24/02.02          Criminal Investigations: Protecting Crime Scene

24/02.03          Criminal Investigations: Handling Witnesses

24/02.04          Criminal Investigations: Evidence Handling

24/02.05          Criminal Investigations: Interview and Interrogation

24/02.06          Criminal Investigation: Written Reports

24/02.07          Criminal Investigation: Screening for Prosecution

24/03.01          Civil Liability Investigations: Purpose and Responsibility

24/03.02          Civil Liability Investigations: Conducting Investigation and File Access

24/04.01          Administrative Investigations: Purpose and Responsibility

24/04.02          Administrative Investigations: Conducting Investigation and File Access


Part 25.           Maintenance, Sanitation and Living Environment

25/01.01          Sanitation: Overview

25/01.02          Sanitation: Officials’ Responsibility

25/01.03          Sanitation: Prisoners’ Responsibility

25/02.01          Maintenance: Overview

25/02.02          Maintenance: Scheduled Maintenance

25/02.03          Maintenance: Facility and Equipment Repair

25/03.01          Housing: Design and Supervision

25/03.02          Housing: Capacity and Population

25/03.03          Housing: Living Environment


Part 26.           Federal Statutory Issues

26/01.01          Americans With Disabilities Act: Overview

26/01.02          Americans With Disabilities Act: Compliance Management

26/01.03          Americans With Disabilities Act: Access to Facility and Services

26/02.01          Rehabilitation Act, Section 504: Overview

26/02.02          Rehabilitation Act, Section 504: Demands for Access to Jail

26/03.01          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Overview

26/03.02          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Definitions

26/03.03          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Authority and Enforcement

26/03.04          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Prohibited Conduct

26/03.05          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Recommended Prevention Practices

26/03.06          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Screening

26/03.07          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Supervision, Monitoring, Staffing

26/03.08          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Protective Custody

26/03.09          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Use of Closed Circuit Television Monitoring

26/03.10          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Searches

26/03.11          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Sexual Privacy

26/03.12          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Juvenile Detainees

26/03.13          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex, Transgender Prisoners

26/03.14          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Staff Training and Prisoner Orientation

26/03.15          Prison Rape Elimination Act: Compliance Audits