Why Legal Based Guidelines?  From an Administrator’s Perspective

By Expert : Darin Durfey| Posted : Friday, September 29th, 2017

Legal based guidelines are not open to opinion, variance or based on “best practice”. They are standards that are written to mirror case law, reference case law and are legally defendable.


Photographing Arrestee Tattoos

Many facilities across the country photograph the tattoos of incoming detainees. The photographs of these tattoos are used as a classification and identification tool. One of many informative variants that can be obtained from these tattoos are links or ties to gangs and or security threat groups(STGs).


Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Law Enforcement–What Would Society be like Without Law Enforcement

Make no mistake about this, the only reason that people are free in this County is because of those men and women willing to go to work each day to protect those freedoms that society enjoys. Yes, the military defends your freedom from foreign enemies, but law enforcement is the reason that there is order and freedom at home.