New Work-Release Unit at Lincoln Prison ‘Feels Like We’re in a Resort,’ Inmate Says


A halo-shaped circle of light illuminates a central desk, overlooking a room that resembles a high school commons area.

There are padded chairs and tables, subtle-toned carpet, vending machines for snacks and pop, and couches surrounding flat-screen TVs. Huge murals depicting pictures of flowers adorn the walls, brightening the massive space and reducing noise. Just a few steps away is a room for yoga and working out.

Welcome to the state’s newest prison unit, a 160-bed facility at the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln for low-security female inmates in work-release programs, serving out the last few months of their felony sentences.

The first inmates moved in just over a week ago, trading crowded rooms housing eight women for “suites” — as inmate Montana Niebur described them — for two. The new prison unit has more showers and what Niebur said was the best new amenity: a full-length mirror.

“It feels like we’re in a resort now,” said fellow inmate Kristin Schutz, a 27-year-old native of Florida who is serving a sentence for marijuana distribution. “And oh my gosh, there’s not 80 of us in a little bathroom.”


BY: Paul Hammel

PUBLISHED: Kearney Hub


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