Sheriff Revolt Over County Jail Conditions Shines Spotlight On Low Funding


Cows recognize the truck that feeds them. Seconds after Terry Sue Barnett’s feed truck rumbled into their pasture, her hungry herd perked up and turned to follow her.

“Just because they know this feed truck, and they think they’re going to get fed,” Barnett said.

Barnett is in her element. She stares out of the driver’s side window as she makes a short loop through the pasture — checking the health of her animals after a wet winter and a hard calving season.

Barnett would rather be here tending her cows than back at her old job running the Nowata County Jail.

A dangerous jail

Barnett made national headlines when she resigned her position as county sheriff because she refused to lock prisoners inside a 107-year-old jail she says is dangerous.


BY: Quinton Chandler



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