Al Robertson and John Godwin Visit NIJO



On July 28, 2020, the NIJO team had the opportunity to spend time with our JAILCON 20/20 Keynote Speakers, Al Robertson and John Godwin of Duck Dynasty.  Al and John came to NIJO headquarters to do some recon in preparation for their JAILCON 20/20 Keynote Address. During their visit they had the chance to visit a few of the national parks in Utah, tour a jail, talk with corrections officers, eat good food and get to know our staff, and go for a fun ATV ride in the mountains with our local Search & Rescue Captain and a few of his team members.

It was great to get to know Al and Lisa Robertson and John and Paula Godwin during this time and to get to know them in preparation for their Keynote Address for JAILCON 20/20 National Corrections Conference, September 7-30, 2020.

Al and John will join us live for the Keynote Session of JAILCON 20/20 on Tuesday, September 8th, 10:00 am CDT.  Don’t miss your chance to be both entertained and inspired by these two great men.


Learn more about JAILCON 20/20 here.


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