A Slice of Love: Bruno Abate Teaches Inmates to Make Pizza and Earn a Living in Chicago Jail


With Italian flair, Milan-born chef Bruno Abate runs a bustling Chicago pizza kitchen with tomatoes imported from Italy, a brick oven and busy blades that chained to the table.

“Let the knife do the job … The knife is like a violin,” Abate said as CBS News was shown the Cook County Jail, where artisan pizza is made by inmates.

For inmates under close watch, a select group train under this master chef and mentor, Bruno Abate.

“You know, God give me this responsibility, OK. He called me eight years ago, I answered the phone,” Abate told CBS News. “I have a purpose, not a purpose to buy three Rolex, big house, two Ferrari. My goal is to change something in the prison system.”

And change he did. He created “Recipe For Change,” where he pairs knife skills with life skills.

“We have people here, the majority of their life experience was on the street, so they never challenge themselves to make pizza or to do anything,” Abate said. “And now through the pizza they understand ‘I can do it. I can do it.'”


BY: Adriana Diaz



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