How Did an Inmate Get a Loaded Gun into Cook County Jail?


A crime suspect managed to smuggle a loaded handgun into Cook County Jail after Chicago police officers and then jail officers missed the weapon in at least two separate searches, according to an investigation into the origins of the gun.

The inmate who later pleaded guilty to possessing the tiny handgun, Quentin Jones, had the weapon hidden in his pants for more than 90 minutes at the jail and, after he ditched it in a garbage can, nearly two days elapsed before the weapon was discovered, according to records from a Cook County sheriff’s office investigation newly obtained by the Tribune through the Freedom of Information Act.

In response to the 2017 incident, officials altered their intake procedures to lessen the wait time before detainees are body-scanned. But sheriff’s officials said no corrections officers were disciplined for missing the weapon because they followed their protocols.

Exactly how the gun got into Jones’ hands remains somewhat mysterious. He told investigators that he happened to end up in a Chicago police lockup the previous day at the same time as his nephew, Travon Jones, following their two separate arrests, and that Travon gave him the gun. But Travon Jones denied knowing anything about the weapon, the records show.


BY: Peter Nickeas

PUBLISHED: Chicago Tribune


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