Two Charged with Providing Contraband to GA Inmates

DECATUR COUNTY,GA.- Two former Decatur County Public Works employees were arrested last Friday and charged with illegally giving tobacco and marijuana to state inmates,according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Richard George Hill,50,of 2681 Spring Creek Road,Bainbridge,was charged with providing contraband items to an inmate.

Aundra Demetrius Reels,37,of 1109 E. Evans St.,Bainbridge,was charged with providing contraband items to an inmate and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.


CA Prison Guard’s Firing over Suicide Upheld

A state appeals court has upheld the firing of a prison guard who,according to a co-worker,told a suicidal inmate that she should go ahead and hang herself.

After the November 2006 encounter with guard Thomas Norton,the inmate was found hanging from a bedsheet tied to a bar in her cell at the California Institution for Women in Chino (San Bernardino County). Another guard untied the sheet and removed her,and she recovered without injury,the court said.


ICE Opens Immigrant Detention Center In Rural Texas

Just off the side of the road in rural southern Texas is a large beige building that looks a lot like a prison. Fences and tall walls mark the outside. Inside,the doors slam and people sit in control booths at the end of long concrete hallways.

But just a little farther into the facility,the door opens to a courtyard in the center of the complex,and there,things begin to change. There’s a soccer field,a pavilion and a gymnasium. There’s also a walk-up pharmacy and commissary. All of it is guarded by officers in polo shirts.


TX Inmate Barred from Muslim Services Loses Appeal

HOUSTON — A federal appeals court on Tuesday rejected a Texas inmate’s claim that he was unconstitutionally barred from Muslim religious services for six months as discipline for causing a prison ruckus.

The court also rejected his claims that Christian symbols hung in the chapel where Muslim services were held created a “hostile” environment and that prison officials improperly monitored services.


Federal Prison Lets W.Va. Inmates Buy MP3 Players Under Program Set to Go Nationwide

MORGANTOWN,W.Va. – At a federal prison in the mountains of southern West Virginia,hundreds of female inmates are taking part in a pilot program to bring the quality of entertainment behind bars into the 21st century.

More than 400 inmates have spent about $70 apiece to buy an MP3 player from the commissary in the Federal Prison Camp at Alderson,then 80 cents to $1.55 per song to customize their playlists from a database offering about 1 million songs.