Lane County OR Jail Releases 33 More Inmates Including 5 Violent Offenders

The Lane County Jail released 33 more inmates Wednesday morning as officials continued to downsize the lockup in response to budget cuts.

The release is on top of 29 inmates released Tuesday and a similar number to be released today. The Lane County Jail is laying off employees and reducing its inmate population by 96 before July 1 to help cut the overall sheriff’s office budget by $10.3 million.

Inmates released Wednesday were a mix of people being held pending trial and those convicted and serving sentences. Twelve were serving sentences and 21 were awaiting trial.


WV State Jail Authority Moves Female Inmates to Avoid Lawsuits

CHARLESTON,West Virginia. – The West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority is moving state-sentenced female inmates to Tygart Valley Regional Jail as part of an effort to avoid frivolous lawsuits.

The lawsuits have cost the state roughly $2 million in liability insurance premiums and $7 million in claims in the last three years. Most of the lawsuits involved have been sexually based.

Executive Director of the state jail authority Joe DeLong said they chose Tygart Valley for a number of reasons.


Former Louisiana Jail Bookkeeper Spent Stolen $2 Million on Bills,Pizza,Weight Watcher Dues

The former bookkeeper of a local juvenile jail admitted Monday that she slowly swindled nearly $2 million,a few thousand dollars at a time over a decade,from the taxpayer-funded agency. By the time she was caught,61-year-old Brenda Bickford had already spent every penny of it. Bickford. of Hammond,pleaded guilty Monday morning to two counts of felony theft. She is facing up to eight years in prison at her sentencing hearing in September.