Safe Sex in Jail

Safe sex is generally defined as a set of practices designed to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However,in a jail setting,the definition of safe sex is expanded. Insofar as a jail officer is concerned,“safe sex” is translated “no sex.”

Unfortunately,there are too many instances of jail officers being involved sexually with inmates. The outcome is never good,often resulting in health,family and legal consequences for the offending officer.

A National Problem


Inmate Reading Program for the Blind

Inmates Read for the Blind with New Recording Studio
by Nadine Wimmer

Salt Lake City,UT — Many blind and disabled people have few options when it comes to reading their favorite books. A program at the Utah State Prison is changing that,in part,with this new state-of-the-art recording facility.

“Reading for the Blind” has become a program that allows some inmates at the Utah State Prison to give back to society. They help others who cannot read,and now they have a new building that will allow them to serve even more.


Strip Search Case Before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court began listening to the oral arguments on Wednesday,October 12,2011 for case# 10-945,Florence v. The Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Burlington. This is a highly publicized strip search case in which the petitioner is questioning various aspects of individualized and reasonable suspicion regarding searches,which the majority of Circuit Courts of Appeal applied following the Bell v. Wolfish case decades ago. A ruling has not been rendered yet.


The Power of Perseverance

How cool I thought it would be to be a jail administrator,to be in charge of inmates and staff? At first,although overwhelming it was cool,but after a while the reality of the job,the day to day stress,the challenges of getting through daily operations wore me down and I start to wonder,is it worth it? Am I ever going to accomplish the goals I envisioned when I took the position? Am I going to make a difference?


Security/Medical Interface

While serving as Commissioner of Corrections,and later as Warden of a large urban jail,I negotiated inmate health care contracts with private providers and then worked closely with those providers as they integrated their services into the overall scheme of corrections. It was always a challenge,especially in the jail setting,to educate both the security staff and the medical provider of the importance of working together as a team.