Leaders Without Titles

A New Perspective on Training Leaders.

Many leaders are placed in positions of power due to political connections,formal education,personal charisma,vocational experience,and/or socio-economic status. Although these criteria may have a correlation with leadership ability,they often leave out the fundamental criterion for being a good leader: a person’s personal make-up,or characteristics,as a human being. A leader’s human inadequacies can often lead to leadership failure.


Safe Sex in Jail

Safe sex is generally defined as a set of practices designed to reduce the risk of transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However,in a jail setting,the definition of safe sex is expanded. Insofar as a jail officer is concerned,“safe sex” is translated “no sex.”

Unfortunately,there are too many instances of jail officers being involved sexually with inmates. The outcome is never good,often resulting in health,family and legal consequences for the offending officer.

A National Problem


Strip Search Case Before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court began listening to the oral arguments on Wednesday,October 12,2011 for case# 10-945,Florence v. The Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Burlington. This is a highly publicized strip search case in which the petitioner is questioning various aspects of individualized and reasonable suspicion regarding searches,which the majority of Circuit Courts of Appeal applied following the Bell v. Wolfish case decades ago. A ruling has not been rendered yet.


National Institute for Jail Operations Website Officially Launched

The Center for Public Safety was created by the National Sheriffs’ Association to provide resources for four specific areas,including Jail Operations,Court Security,Homeland Security,and Leadership. As part of this Center,the Institute of Jail Operations officially launched its website on Nov. 1st,2011. The goal of the website is to be a central resource and hub for all NSA members who are involved with the administration and operations of jails across the United States.