Clermont County Officers Beat Defenseless Inmate, Breaking His Spine in Three Places


A Clermont County inmate was beaten without cause, including while handcuffed, in violation of his civil rights, according to a federal lawsuit filed Friday.

The inmate suffered a broken spine in three places, the suit says.

Seven guards at the Clermont County Jail are named in the suit for their roles in the February 2018 incident.

The inmate, Jared Schwartz, was being held before trial in a cell, the suit says, when three guards entered with a breakfast tray one morning.

Without reasonable cause to believe Schwartz was a threat, Officer Aaron Woollard threw Schwartz to the ground, the suit says. Three officers began beating him despite Schwartz holding a defenseless position, the suit adds.

Four other officers entered the cell. Officer Jeffrey Gaffney attempted to use pepper spray on Schwartz, the suit says, but the can malfunctioned.


BY: Max Londberg

PUBLISHED: Cincinnati Enquirer


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