Coronavirus Hits Texas Prisons With First Inmate Case Confirmed


The first Texas prisoner has tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Tuesday the 37-year-old man, who has a preexisting respiratory condition, is being treated at the prison system’s hospital in Galveston and has been there for three days. He was in TDCJ custody a little less than a month after a conviction in Harris County on two drug possession charges. The results come one day after the agency reported that a prison counselor who worked at a different facility tested positive.

The prisoner was evaluated Saturday at the Lychner State Jail north of Houston after reporting shortness of breath and a cough, according to a statement from the department. He was sent to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston before being transferred to Galveston for testing for the new coronavirus. The agency said he is in good condition.

Other inmates and prison staff who may have had contact with the man are being medically restricted, limiting their movement.


By: Published:  Cleburne Times

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