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NIJO has put together this page as a resource to provide updates on this rapidly evolving situation.  Below you will find direct links to help you stay abreast of the situation,DACOTA Online Training Course - COVID-19 and Other Communicable Diseases and Jails (Corrections Training) with guidance from federal agencies, which we will keep updated throughout these unprecedented challenges.


Additionally, in response to the need for immediate training on dealing with COVID-19 and other communicable disease in jails, NIJO has added a new course to our DACOTA Online Training Library.  NIJO is offering 14-Day FREE ACCESS to this course for corrections professionals across the country.  To access this course, click here and then “REGISTER”.  You will receive an email within 12 hours granting you access to this informative course “COVID-19 and Other Communicable Diseases and Jails” by Dr. Johnny E. Bates (MD, MMM, CPE, CPHIMS, CCHP-Physician), Founder and CEO of Quality Correctional Health Care (QCHC).  Dr. Bates has over 35 years experience as a physician and over 20 years experience in correctional medicine and medical management.





NIJO CORRECTIONS-ONLY WEBINAR: Reopening the Front Door: Administrative Strategies

To preserve the integrity and safety of the information discussed in this webinar and to ensure all those who view it are approved corrections professionals, please register by clicking here.



Expert Article: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR: Using Common Sense to COVID-19

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR: Using Common Sense to COVID-19 during Uncommon Times

Many correctional facilities across the country have been operating short staffed, overpopulated and challenged in caring for a mentally ill population that has no business being in their facilities.   Resilient administrators have done the best they can with what few resources they have under these trying circumstances…read article



Litigation Alert: The Coronavirus, Prisons, and the 8th Amendment