Councilwoman Wants to Stop Contracts Between Private Prison Operators, Davidson County

A Metro Councilwoman announced her intent Tuesday to file legislation aiming to stop private prison operators from contracting with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

District 7 Councilwoman Emily Benedict tells FOX 17 News the current contract with CoreCivic is scheduled to end on January 31. She’s now asking Metro Procurement for a status on the proposal to either renew the CoreCivic contract, award it to a different private operator, or look at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office potentially no longer outsourcing operations.

“Corporations have been clear for years: they have a commitment to creating shareholder value instead of a commitment to their employees, their vendors, and their customers. As a customer of CoreCivic, how can the Nashville-Davidson County reconcile CoreCivic’s interest in only providing shareholder value? How many corners will they cut in the humane treatment of our prisoners to make their balance sheet look good,” Councilwoman Benedict said.

The councilwoman claims Nashville can fire CoreCivic at a cost of $52.50 for the average homeowner in Nashville.


BY: Caitlyn Shelton



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