Dozens Of OH Jail Deputies Face Disciplinary Action

COLUMBUS,Ohio – When the Columbus Fire Department responded to a call of an inmate suffering a heart attack at the Franklin County Jail last September,they found the inmate,Edward Peterson,had been living in a jail cell that was trashed and filthy. Now,as many as 50 jail employees may face disciplinary hearings as a result of the that inmates living conditions.

Sheriff Zach Scott said that while it was situation involving just one inmate and just one jail cell,numerous employees failed in their responsibility to maintain the inmates living condition. Scott said the inmate repeatedly had trashed his cell and that deputies eventually stopped cleaning up after him.

“They’d cleaned it a couple of times and after a while they just dropped the ball and didn’t keep up with what they should be doing to make sure the cell was clean and proper for someone living in it,” Scott said.

Jim Gilbert,president of Capitol City Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police,said the deputies repeatedly cleaned up after the inmate.

“They sanitized and cleaned everything up several times,made it spot free,only to have him go in and do the same thing,” Gilbert said. “This was an ongoing routine with this certain inmate.”

Scott said that after a lengthy internal investigation,he expects dozens of employees including one of more supervisors will face disciplinary charges. He said multiple employees across multiple days and multiple shifts neglected their responsibility.

“This is not like an isolated incident where a deputy over-reacts and uses too much force,” Scott said. “When you have this many people involved,there’s a management issue. There’s an administrative issue and we’re going to address that.”

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PUBLISHED: May 4,2012
BY: – Ted Hart