Gibson Co. Jail Study Shows They are Over Capacity, Understaffed


Not enough beds and not enough staff, those are two of the problem-areas the state found in its study of the Gibson County Jail. ​

“We have been cited by the Department of Correction that we are over capacity and understaffed,” said the Gibson County Commission President Steve Bottoms.

This coming after the State Department of Correction’s study showed there aren’t enough beds, toilets, nor showers for Gibson County Jail inmates. ​

“These conditions create an unsafe conditions for our employees and the inmates,” said Bottoms. ​

That being said, county leaders are using their Gibson County Jail Needs Assessment and Master Plan.​

“Where the jail is at now, it’s only a one-acre site there, and it’s surrounded, and not many communities are building jails inside the city,” said Bottoms. ​

County leaders say they’re looking to build a brand new jail somewhere on the outskirts of town. ​


BY: Katie Tercek



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