Inmates are Training Rescued Dogs at This New York Prison


Sora, a 1-year-old terrier mix, is getting a new home with a familiar face.

The rescued puppy was trained by inmates at Erie County Correctional Facility in New York, where her new owner is an administrator.

Thomas Diina, the Superintendent of Jail Management, fell in love with Sora after seeing a picture of her.

“We had to euthanize our dog Jake about a month ago,” Dina told WKBW. “This one just immediately reminded me of Jake. Same facial markings, same shape of her head.”

Sora has been housed at the prison since Dec. 16 and trained by inmates there as part of the “Pups at the Pen” program.

Inmates train dogs from a local animal shelter with some help from Melissa Staniszewski, a trainer from Sit n’ Stay Pet Services in Orchard Park.

“It just gives them something to look forward to and work with,” she said.


BY: National Desk Staff



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