Inmate at Lincoln Correctional Center Assaults Staffer, Leaving Her with Concussion


An inmate at the Lincoln Correctional Center assaulted and seriously injured a staff member Sunday, officials said Monday.

The inmate refused the staff member’s orders to be placed in restraints so he could be moved to another area of the prison, the Nebraska Department of Corrections said in a press release. The inmate became physically aggressive and punched the staff member twice in the head, officials said.

With the second punch, officials said, the staff member fell backward and struck her head on the concrete.

After the inmate ran off and repeatedly refused instructions to comply, another staff member sprayed pepper spray at him. Even though the pepper spray didn’t hit him, the inmate fell to the ground, officials said. He then complied and was restrained.

The injured staff member was taken to the hospital for treatment of a concussion.


By: Bob GlissmannPublished: Omaha World-Herald

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