Inmate Falls Through Ceiling Trying to Escape from Indiana Jail

JACKSON COUNTY, INDIANA – An inmate fell through the ceiling while trying to escape from a jail in Indiana this week, authorities said.

Blaze Ayers, 28, bolted from officers and locked himself in a medical room on Monday, Jackson County Sheriff Rick Meyer said in a news release that also was posted on Facebook. When officers got into the room, Ayers had made his way into the ceiling.

Jail officers tried to get Ayers out of the ceiling, but he refused, and crawled through the ceiling, trying to escape. Ayers eventually fell through the ceiling and onto the floor of the jail’s booking area, the sheriff said in the release. Officers used a Taser to subdue him after he refused to surrender.

The sheriff says the attempted escape caused extensive damage to the ceiling.

By: Associated Press
Published: February 8, 2019

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