Local Judge Officiates Wedding of Man She Once Sentenced to Jail


First she gave him prison time, then she gave him life in matrimony.

Ingham County Judge Joyce Draganchuk recently officiated the wedding of a man who’d been in her courtroom multiple times as a criminal.

It was a complete 180, but not without bumps in the road.

Corey Warren ended up in front Judge Joyce Draganchuk numerous times starting as a teenager. Amid his battle with heroin addiction, she saw potential.

“I saw in Corey the potential to be a healthy, thriving human being, like I see in everyone who stands in front of me with addiction,” Judge Draganchuk of Ingham Co. Circuit Court said.

Warren’s heroin habit started in high school. He first ended up in Judge Draganchuk’s courtroom when he was 18 for forging checks from his grandparents. He then became a regular, appearing multiple times, including for unarmed robbery in 2008.


BY: Megan Hiler



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