Local Sheriffs Continue to Wait for State Inmate Reimbursements


A recent Missouri state audit found the state still needs to reimburse counties funds that are owed to house inmates.

The Marion County Jail holds inmates not just from Marion County, but also from Ralls county.

Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson said it’s common for smaller communities to house inmates in neighboring county jails. Usually Ralls County would pay Marion County $37.50 per day for each inmate housed in their jail and would then be reimbursed $22.58 by the state.

“Statewide they would typically pay for the inmates whether they have a jail or not. That’s a set cost and that cost in not being reimbursed right now. It’s made a lot of difficulties for other agencies,” said Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson.


By: Isabella Rossi
Published: WGEM

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