National Institute for Jail Operations and The Foundation for a Drug-Free World Announce Strategic Partnership

The National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) and The Foundation for a Drug-Free World (FDFW) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to address the serious and significant issues caused by the use of drugs.  Effective immediately, NIJO and FDFW will work together to provide jails across the United States valuable information and resources about drugs and their destructive side effects so that individuals can make informed decisions and live drug-free lives.

The connection between drugs and jails is obvious and its negative impact for those incarcerated, their families and those who operate jails cannot be understated.  Jails have become a dumping ground for those with drug addictions, often becoming detox centers and de facto mental health centers – with very little funding and resources.  A new arrestee often enters under the influence of or has serious addictions and withdrawals from using drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, meth, opioids, synthetic drugs, bath salts, and unauthorized use of prescribed medications.  Drugs create enormous custody, operational control, care, safety and liability challenges for correctional staff and are costly to our society and jail administrations – a cost which taxpayers must fully bear.

Whether being incarcerated directly (drug related charges) or indirectly (i.e., theft to support a drug habit or violence while under the influence), jails provide arrestees shelter, food, clothing and medical care which they might not receive if on the street.  However, many are soon released and the behavior, addictions and cycle continues and repeats without education and ongoing support.  Providing FDFW resources is a proactive way for those incarcerated and their families to receive factual information about drugs and empower them to make necessary changes in their lives.  Recognizing the few resources available to jails, NIJO will encourage active participation and dedicate resources to assist and connect detention facilities with FDFW resources across the United States.

Participating jails will receive access to FDFW information, tools, resources and activities – at no cost to taxpayers or those incarcerated and their families.  These include a worldwide network of volunteers, programming, educational handouts and recovery tools, and more.  To learn more about this partnership or how to join the fight against drugs, contact NIJO or FDFW.


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