National Jail Tour – Day 11

April 30, 2021

30th Stop – Eagle County Jail (Eagle, CO)

A great stop at the Eagle County Jail which will be hosting one of our upcoming WSSA-NIJO Regional Training seminars on May 24th-25th.  We sure appreciate great facilities who support legal-based training.  Thanks to everyone at Eagle County Jail for all you do!

30th Stop -  Jefferson County Jail (Golden, CO)

As Warren heads back to headquarters, he made what he thought would be his last stop in Golden, Colorado, at the beautiful Jefferson County Jail.  He expressed gratitude and appreciation to the staff and presented them with the last framed NCO print.
NIJO National Jail Tour - Jefferson County Jail, CO

31st Stop -  Uintah County Jail (Vernal, UT)

Warren has been very committed to his goal to visit 30 jails and express appreciation and support for corrections officers across the country--and, if you haven't already figured it out, Warren is an over-achiever!  After 10 days of 12-16 hours days, traveling literally non-stop across the country--Warren just had to make one more stop!  It was his extreme pleasure to visit with Corporal Lamoni Riordan and Deputy Justin Van Leuven at the the Uintah County Jail in Vernal, Utah, to finish up his "gratitude tour" (aka National Jail Tour).
NIJO National Jail Tour - Uintah County Jail, UT
NIJO National Jail Tour - Uintah County Jail, UT

Many thanks to each and every individual at every the jails Warren was able to visit in his 11 day cross-country National Jail Tour! All of us at NIJO express our deep appreciation for all you do.  We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting each and every person in the profession!

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What an amazing 11 days! 
5,109 miles, 31 jails in 17 states!

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