National Jail Tour – Day 4

6th Stop - Freeborn County Jail (Albert Lea, MN)

Although it was technically Day 4--we're adding this to today's travel log to show the extent Warren is going to make this jail visits.  At 0030 on April 23rd, Warren stopped into the Freeborn County Adult Detention Center in Albert Lea, MN.  Warren was able to meet Deputy Jail Sheriff Greg Jensen to thank him for his service and to present the facility with the commemorative NCO Week print.
NIJO National Jail Tour 2021 - Freeborn County Adult Detention Center, MN

7th Stop - Olmsted County Adult Detention Center (Rochester, MN)

This morning Warren visited the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center in Rochester, MN, and had the opportunity to visit with the  Captain of Operations, Macey Tesmer. Captain Tesmer shared the sad news that Olmsted County tragically lost one of their employees this past week when he died of a heart attack while at work. Warren was so impressed with this phenomenal administrator and the staff at this jail, who, despite mourning the loss of their friend and colleague, still have to be "on their game", ready to deal with the every day stresses of running their facility and staying compliant with the law.
"My hats off to this group of corrections professionals.  They show what it's all about.  I just get more and more impressed every time I meet with another corrections facility and feel the weight of all they do--I'm so grateful for all that they do."
Warren Clark, Deputy Executive Director, National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO)  

All of us at the National Institute for Jail Operations offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Deputy Anderson and to the staff at the Olmsted County Sheriffs' Office and Olmsted County Adult Detention Center.  Thank you for your service Deputy Anderson.

May be an image of text that says 'OLMSTED COUNTY SHERIFF Detention Deputy MARK ANDERSON End of Watch- 04/15/2021 Badge'

8th Stop - La Crosse County Jail (La Cross, WI)

On his 8th stop of his tour, Warren visited the La Crosse County Jail in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  He was able to meet with Captain Jim Verse and Sergeant Bret Miller.  Again, Warren reports how impressed he is at the professionalism of the staff at this jail and how much he enjoyed meeting such great people!

9th Stop - Winnebago County Jail (Rockford, IL)

NIJO National Jail Tour - Winnebago County Jail_IL
Where's Warren? Winnebago County Jail, IL
After spending a lot of time in rush hour traffic in downtown Chicago, Warren was able to stop in at the Winnebago County Jail in Rockford, Illinois.  He was able to have a nice visit with Sergeant Russell Kirby to thank him and all the staff at the facility for their service.

10th Stop - Tippecanoe County Jail (Lafayette, IN)

It's been a big day so far, and Warren is still trying to get all the way to Dayton, Ohio before he sleeps!  But, even though it was late, Friday evening he made it to Tippecanoe County Jail in Lafayette, Indiana.  Even though it was after hours, he was able to meet Officer Mitchell Haas and present him with the commemorative print for their jail.  We appreciate Officer Haas and all of the corrections folks there at the Tippecanoe County Jail!
NIJO National Jail Tour - Tippecanoe County Jail, IN
NIJO National Jail Tour - Tippecanoe County Jail, IN
NIJO National Jail Tour - Tippecanoe County Jail, IN

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