National Jail Tour – Day 5

11th Stop - Montgomery County Jail (Dayton, OH)

After a short night's rest, Warren hit the road again making his first stop of the day at the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio.  He was excited to have the opportunity to visit with several of the great staff members at yet another first class facility.  Special shout out to Sergeant John Miller (20 years of service), Officer Josef Richards (23 years of service), Officer Chris Jones (9 years), Deputy John Tepparo (5 years), Officer Bob Seitz (4 years) and Officer Spencer Drake (2 years).  Thanks everyone for taking the time to meet Warren!
NIJO National Jail Tour - Montgomery County Jail, OH

12th Stop - New River Valley Regional Jail (Dublin, VA)

After every jail he visits, Warren continues to report just how impressed he's been with the people he's met and the facilities he's seen.  New River Valley Jail in Dublin, Virginia, was the 12th jail he's visited and he found more amazing people to visit with who are dedicated to running a safe and secure facility.  On Saturday, April 25th, Warren presented some of the on-duty staff members with the NCO print and thanked them for their dedicated service to the corrections profession.  Special shout-out to these New River Valley staff members:  CO Lian Viet, Lt. Steve Hall, Jamie Light, Sgt. Jane Hatfield, CO Ron Chapman, CO Christine Combs, CO Chelsey Gravely, CO Brittany Cox, and CO Sarah Ann Saunders.

Where's Warren? Dublin, VA

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