This certification is for line level staff and all corrections officers. It can be used as a basic training program by a facility and covers basic jail officer responsibilities with a comprehensive examination with each required course. The fee for certification covers the certification costs only.  All training required toward certification must be paid for separately, including DACOTA Online Training.



  1. REGISTER & PAY - Complete registration and make payment for certification. (NOTE: Certification payment does not include any training required toward the certification requirements. These payments must be made separately - this includes the Detention and Corrections Online Training Academy (DACOTA).
  2. EMAIL RECEIPT/APPLICATION - After submitting your registration and payment, you will receive your payment receipt and the Certification Application Form.
  3. RECORD TRAINING - Begin tracking "LEGAL-BASED" (NIJO-Approved) training. 
  4. All reported training needs to be accrued after the date you have registered and paid for certification. Exceptions may be approved if training was completed within a 6 month period prior to your initial certification registration. 
  5. Legal-Based training is training that includes case law that is taught based on facts, avoiding political correctness and bias. DACOTA and all NIJO Instructors, NIJO training seminars and conferences are pre-approved for certification credit because of our rigorous instructor vetting process. Other training MUST be approved by submitting the following:
  6. Instructor CV
  7. All training materials
  8. All tests with 100% Score
  9. All training requires a test score of 100%. The rationale and basis for our 100% pass requirement is predicated on failure to train issues often targeting jail administrations and sheriffs. If training required only an 80% or even 90% passing grade, a party suing the jail may make a claim that the officer involved in the incident being questioned failed 10% of the training, which that specific 10% happened to be a critical component to the operations or practices being questioned in the lawsuit. A complete 100% passing grade provides the administration and officers the ability to respond to such frivolous claims, being able to successfully show that on a specific day and time, the officer learned, understood, and comprehended 100% of the material necessary to fulfill his/her duties as it related to that specific topic. Certificate documentation and practices, whether online or with live training, requiring a 100% passing score eliminates any potentiality for failure to train or lack of comprehension in the training itself. NIJO is fully committed to helping sheriffs and administrators proactively defend against liability issues. 
  10. SUBMIT COMPLETED APPLICATION - Once you have completed all of the required training to qualify for the intended NIJO Certification level, submit your application to: [email protected]

NO REFUNDS: Due to the nature and length of the time required to complete the certification process, there will be NO REFUNDS given on Certification Registration Fees for all levels.

If at any time you should have any questions about the requirements, approved training, or anything else, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling (801) 810-JAIL (5245).

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Once you click the "submit" button below, you will be directed to the shopping cart to pay the registration fee. Once NIJO has received your payment, the NCCO Application Form and completion instructions will be sent to the email address listed above.


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