Texas jail says guards didn’t notice inmate giving birth

DALLAS — A woman managed to go into labor and give birth alone in a Texas jail cell without any corrections officers noticing until after she had delivered the child, a sheriff’s official said Thursday.

The woman had the baby in a Fort Worth jail cell on May 17, according to Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lt. Jennifer Gabbert.

The woman “did not immediately disclose the birth, but the baby was soon discovered by a corrections officer” and both were taken to a hospital, Gabbert said. She could not immediately provide information about the health of the mother and child, or other details.

Jail staff knew the woman was pregnant and had been checking on her regularly, Gabbert said, without specifying the frequency of those checks or whether they knew her due date.

She declined to identify the mother and would not answer several questions about the birth including how the woman could have gone into labor and delivered a child without it coming to the guards’ attention. Jail staff don’t know how long the labor lasted “due to the mother not notifying corrections staff of the impending birth,” Gabbert said…read more

Published:  May 26, 2020
By:  Jake Bleiberg, Associated Press

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