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  In an effort to provide affordable, trusted training for jails in the western states, WSSA and NIJO have joined forces to offer an advanced legal-based jail training program for WSSA members. To accommodate everyone, the seminars will be offered at locations across WSSA territories. All training is approved for National Certification through NIJO for NCCE, NCCS, and NCCO levels. WSSA and NIJO share common ground on defending the office of Sheriff and promoting a sheriff’s best interest on jail issues without regard to political correctness, affiliation or putting organization objectives before the members they serve.


The Western States Sheriffs' Association has worked for a long time to bring legal-based training to our Detention Executives and Detention staff.  We are proud to partner with the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) for this quality training.

Sheriff Ben Wolfinger, Kootenai County, Idaho
Past President of the Western States Sheriffs’ Association


Check back for future 2020 training sessions.



Gary W. DeLand President DeLand & Associates

Gary DeLand is the Director of Jail Operations for the Utah Sheriffs’ Association and President of DeLand & Associates. He has traveled to more than 45 U.S. states to provide legal issues and other criminal justice training. Formerly, Gary served as Commander of the Jail Division for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office. In 1985, he was appointed to the position of Executive Director for the Utah State Department of Corrections. Gary served as Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice, Correctional Services Division in 2003. He has served as an officer for NSA’s Presidents and Executive Directors Committee and as Chair of the ACA Legal Issues Committee. Gary is the past Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor of the Corrections Managers’ Report. He currently serves as a NIJO Executive Advisory Board Member. 

Tate McCotter Executive Director, National Institute for Jail Operations

Tate McCotter is the Executive Director for the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO). McCotter has assisted with and coordinated the development, advisement and implementation of legal-based guidelines, standards, training initiatives and corresponding inspection and accreditation programs for jails and prisons all across the United States.  He has presented and trained on legal-based standards, policy and procedure development, creating constitutionally safe jails and prisons, PREA, and auditing and inspection programs at numerous conferences, state sheriff association meetings,state jail administration seminars and other training venues for correctional staff and administrators. He also serves as the Executive Director for Accreditation, Audit & Risk Management Security (AARMS) and Chief Editor of the National Institute for Jail Operations website.