Page County Inmate Creates Replica Church for a Good Cause


William Turner is unlike many others. He is an inmate with the Page County Jail, but is so much more.

While serving time, he turned his detail-oriented skills into a passion. He created a replica log cabin out of of ordinary materials.

“Then the Sheriff asked me…I don’t know if he was joking or not, but he said, ‘Can you make a church?’ and I said, ‘Well I guess I can,'” said William Turner.

After extensive research, Turner created a one foot tall church, filled with pews, a bible and even an organ.

“The materials that are made with this log cabin church are just made with materials that I found in the trash,” said Turner.

Paper bags, cardboard and even old Christmas lights.

“I took those materials and gave them a new purpose. Then I realized that’s what God does for us,” said Turner.


BY: Isabella Marcellino



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