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Unparalleled Training for Corrections Professionals

Detention And Corrections Online Training Academy: DACOTA provides corrections professionals with the most interactive and engaging online training available.  The curriculum is based on current case law, with videos and real-life scenarios, and is unlike any online training ever created for corrections.  The curriculum is approved for NIJO Professional Certification toward National Certified Corrections Officer (NCCO), National Certified Corrections Supervisor (NCCS), and National Certified Corrections Executive (NCCE) level certification. 
[NOTE:  The cost of certification is separate and not included in DACOTA enrollment and visa versa.]
DACOTA corrections online training includes critical operational and highly litigious topics broken down into 10 key areas of focus.  Examples include:




DACOTA’s approach to online training emphasizes engaging and interactive learning experiences. With over 80 credit hours of content, the platform uses dynamic videos and choice-based scenarios to immerse learners in real-world correctional situations. This interactive method not only enhances engagement but also ensures a deeper understanding of complex concepts. The training is designed to be more than just informative; it’s an active learning journey tailored to the needs of correctional professionals. Learn more about interactive learning in NIJO’s Detention and Corrections Online Training Academy (DACOTA) by scheduling a demo today..

The DACOTA platform stands out for its expert-led, case-law based curriculum, providing insights directly from seasoned professionals in the corrections field. Each module is crafted to align with current legal standards, offering learners the most relevant and defensible training. This approach ensures that participants are not only learning the best practices but are also understanding the legal implications and operational standards critical to the corrections environment. Discover Expert-Led Insights with DACOTA by scheduling a demo today.

DACOTA’s commitment to excellence is evident through its certification process. After completing the courses, participants are tested for comprehension and awarded certificates upon successful completion. This certification is not just a testament to the knowledge gained but also a recognition of the commitment to professional development in the corrections field. The focus on certified excellence ensures that the training has tangible, career-enhancing value. Explore Certified Excellence at DACOTA by scheduling a demo today.

Client Experiences: Real Stories of DACOTA's Impact

Discover what our clients say about DACOTA's online training.

Their feedback showcases the real-world impact and effectiveness of
our interactive, legal-based training programs.

Captain Kevin L. Garrelts D.M. (ABD)
Captain Kevin L. Garrelts D.M. (ABD)Cass County, MI
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My staff and I found the training material in DACOTA to be accurate, current, and informative. Initially I was reluctant, however, now I am confident online training is the future for corrections. We appreciate the time, effort, and resources in the development of Detention and Corrections Online Training Academy (DACOTA).
Adam Gonzalez
Adam GonzalezUintah County, UT
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This training is so top notch and the fact that it is all legal-based makes it that much more vital! … Just absolutely fantastic and essential training. PREA was beyond vital!! … I am just so anxious to keep moving forward with it. Really the best of the best, this training is!! Thank you so much again!!
Commander Rob Yantis
Commander Rob YantisPennington County Jail, SD
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DACOTA is training that empowers administrators and staff. NIJO’s research and delivery places applicable information in an adult learning model that is similar to that used by higher education institutions. DACOTA gives real answers to relevant issues. The Supreme Court has deferred to prison officials for their expertise in running local facilities. Such a trust requires that we are self-governed and administrate with integrity and wisdom. NIJO is a worthy mentor; DACOTA is their classroom.
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