Using Administrative Segregation as an Inmate Management Tool – Part II

An important discretionary tool in maintaining safety and security is administrative segregation. Ad seg is a highly effective tool needed and utilized by jail and prison administrators.  This allows for the separation of inmates who have demonstrated, through their actions, that they pose a threat to the safety of inmates, staff and the public. Administrators have no option but to isolate inmates who continue to engage in criminal activities while being incarcerated.


Using Administrative Segregation as an Inmate Management Tool – Part I

Corrections professionals are encountering an increasing trend challenging the use of administrative segregation. The conflict is mostly being stirred up by the media, legislatures, inmate advocate groups and the public. Some have tried to link isolated incidences where administrative segregation was in use with an in-custody death and or other situations regarding an inmate’s behavior,often tied to mental health issues.


Electronic Messaging in Jails

The resource that could actually aide Corrections in reducing contraband and criminal communication in jails and prisons. Many officials believe this to be an inmate E-Mail system; however,that assessment is incorrect.

Electronic Messaging as a Resource


Jails: Conducting Security Threat Group and Gang Interviews in a Pre-trial Setting

One of the most important aspects of classification and the subsequent housing of individuals being booked into your facilities is the ability to identify who is a security threat to your facility,inmates and staff. Street and prison gang members pose the greatest risk to the safe and secure operation of your facility if not classified correctly. One the most important indicators of gang membership or association other than tattoos is the interview.