Jails — Our 21st Century State Mental Health Institutions

Detention facilities have always been faced with the daunting task of managing the emotional as well as the physical behaviors of inmates in a restrictive environment. For employees of these institutions,the task of navigating both behaviors is a true test of their own social,emotional,and communication skills. Add to this the day-to-day administrative demands of the job,the scrutiny of others,and the stigma associated with working in a correctional environment,and the daily stress can be overwhelming.


Leaders Without Titles

A New Perspective on Training Leaders.

Many leaders are placed in positions of power due to political connections,formal education,personal charisma,vocational experience,and/or socio-economic status. Although these criteria may have a correlation with leadership ability,they often leave out the fundamental criterion for being a good leader: a person’s personal make-up,or characteristics,as a human being. A leader’s human inadequacies can often lead to leadership failure.