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Agencies must deal with inmate filed litigation on a regular basis.  Litigation defense is time consuming, costly, stressful and requires a high level of skilled expertise, any of which can be frustrating for administrators with limited resources.  Recognizing the need for legal technical assistance in the corrections field, NIJO offers a variety of services to assist agencies and their legal counsel to successfully mitigate and defend their agencies in prisoner filed lawsuits.  These include:
    • Corrections Litigation Consultation
    • Expert Witnesses
    • Deposition
    • Legal Representation
    • Testifying Skill Courses Training
    • Technical Assistance
    • Compliance Monitoring
NIJO works exclusively with some of the most renowned correctional litigation experts in the United States.  The list includes prominent individuals known for their success in the courtroom representing correctional administrations.

Gary W. DeLand

Gary DeLand, NCCE, is the former Executive Director of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association and President of DeLand & Associates, Inc.  He is widely considered the top legal expert witness for corrections representing jails and prisons in the United States.  In his 40 years, he has traveled to more than 45 states to provide legal issues and other criminal justice training.  DeLand served as Commander of the Jail Division for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Executive Director of the UT State Department of Corrections and Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice.  He has also served as an officer for NSA’s Presidents and Executive Directors Committee and as Chair of the ACA Legal Issues Committee.  DeLand is the past Editor-in-Chief and former Executive Editor of the Corrections Managers’ Report.   He currently serves on the NIJO Executive Advisory Board. To find out more or to contact Mr. DeLand about legal representation, technical assistance or litigation consultation, please contact NIJO.

Blake Hamilton, esq.

Blake Hamilton, NCCE, has significant trial experience in both Federal and State Courts. He has also worked on briefs and/or argued before the Utah Court of Appeals, Utah Supreme Court, the 9th & 10thCircuit Courts of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Hamilton’s primary practice areas are civil rights litigation and governmental entity defense.  He currently serves as general counsel for the Utah Peace Officers Association and the National Institute of Jail Operations, as well as conflict counsel for the Utah Fraternal Order of Police.  He has represented governmental entities and their employees through the Utah Local Government Trust, Utah Counties Insurance Pool, Utah Risk Management Mutual Association, Utah Highway Patrol Association, and Professional Law Enforcement Association.  Mr. Hamilton is a member of Durham Jones & Pinegar’s Board of Directors and is the chair of the firm’s Governmental Entity Defense group.  He also co-chaired the Wills for Heroes committee, which provides wills and other estate planning services for emergency first responders and their families for the past six years and is listed in the 2015 Utah Business Magazine as one of Utah’s “Legal Elite.” To find out more or to contact Mr. Hamilton about legal representation, technical assistance or litigation consultation, please contact NIJO.

Sean Stewart

Captain Sean Stewart, NCCE, CJE, is a Jail Commander with the Pima County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona.  He is recognized as one of the top expert witnesses in the US representing correctional facilities, retained 34 times as an expert witness during  last from 2011-2018. Stewart has over 25 years of correctional experience.   He is the Division Commander of Housing Operations and has overseen multiple management and tactical operations in his career.  Stewart is an NCCE (National Certified Corrections Executive) through NIJO and instructs on legal-based issues and operations nationally.  He currently serves on the NIJO Jail Advisory Council. To find out more or to contact Captain Stewart about legal representation, technical assistance or litigation consultation, please contact NIJO