This Tennessee Jail Has No Cells For Women, So They’re Chained to a Chair — Even if They’re Pregnant


Women who are under arrest in Clay County, Tennessee don’t get a jail cell — they get chained to chair.

The county jail so old, it has no room for women.

The sheriff confirmed that women arrested in the county are shackled to chairs in a hallway and given a cot where they sleep.

Shauna Scott was arrested in Clay County on a probation violation in February.

“Even though you’ve done something wrong, it’s not right to treat people like animals,” Scott said. “If you’re female and you get arrested in this county you can bet you are going to be sleeping on the floor shackled to a chair.”

The above photo shows that deputies chained Scott’s leg to a bolted-down chair in a narrow hallway of the jail.

Scott says another woman was beside her.


BY: WTVF Staff



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