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DACOTAThe National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) developed the Detention & Corrections Online Training Academy (DACOTA) to provide detention and correctional administrators, supervisors and line level officers with easy access to interactive and engaging online jail training.

DACOTA curriculum is based on applicable case law to ensure course content is defensible and current to what the courts will require of those who operate detention and correctional facilities.

To ensure the course material is taught and understood clearly, DACOTA incorporates videos, choice-based scenarios and other interaction requiring the involvement and comprehension verification of those being trained.  Subjects are selectively taught by the most recognized and established detention and correctional experts in the United States.  Most courses are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted. After each course, testing is provided as documented proof of completion and individual content comprehension.   Certificates can easily be printed and administrations have the ability to access and print multiple reports for individuals and entire agencies. [NOTE:  The cost of certification is separate and not included in DACOTA enrollment and visa versa.] To get signed up for DACOTA or inquire about individual/ agency pricing, use the Contact Us button below.