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The Western States Sheriffs’ Association and the National Institute for Jail OperationsNIJO WSSA Training Partnership proudly share common ground on defending the office of sheriff and promoting a sheriff’s  best interest on jail issues without regard to political correctness, affiliation or putting organizational objectives before the members they serve.  There is a lack of resources dedicated to those that  trusted training for jails.  This partnership between WSSA and NIJO provides sheriffs, who act as the statutory keepers of the jail, trusted and affordable information and training with confidence to stay ahead of the curve with the rise of frivolous inmate filed litigation and anti-law enforcement campaigns.



    To provide affordable, trusted, legal-based training for jails in the western states, WSSA and NIJO have joined forces to offer an advanced jail training program for WSSA members. To accommodate everyone, the regional seminars will be offered at locations across WSSA territories. All training is approved for NIJO National Certification for NCCE, NCCS, and NCCO levels.  WSSA and NIJO share common ground on defending the office of Sheriff and promoting a sheriff’s best interest on jail issues without regard to political correctness, affiliation or putting organization objectives before the members they serve. 


12 CEUS – $149/person*


Eagle County, CO (Gypsum, CO) – May 24-25, 2021

Kootenai County, ID (Couer d’Alene, ID) – July 14-15, 2021

Cass County, NE (Plattsmouth, NE) – August 31 or September 1, 2021

Burleigh County, ND (Bismarck, ND) – October 4-5, 2021

El Dorado County, CA (Placerville, CA) – November 8-9, 2021



    Upon WSSA’s request, NIJO has been providing jail training, legal issues and jail updates at the WSSA annual conference since 2012.  Join us this year at the Peppermill Hotel & Casino May 16-20, 2021.  For more information visit:  https://www.westernsheriffs.org/


    NIJO verification inspections, expert witnesses, staffing analyses may provide both organizations benefits (WSSA referrals/finder fees).  For more information, contact NIJO