At this Jail, the inmates are also zookeepers. Monroe County Sheriff's Office is taking a look deeper into how we are rehabilitaing people. This story is about something that's working, good for the community, good for the people, good for the inmates, good for the animals.”Learn More
There is much confusion among jails and administrators regarding PREA.  While compliance to the Act is required, the DOJ PREA standards are NOT mandatory for jails. Learn More
As a first, California Department of Corrections created and adopted new standards for transgender inmates to receive state-funded sex-reassignment surgery.  This came on the heals of a controversial 9th Circuit decision requiring them to pay for SRS.Learn More
The Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office will be the first agency in Texas and in the jurisdiction of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to seek accreditation through the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO). On January 26, 2016, the Rockwall County Commissioner’s Court approved funding for the accreditation process for the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.Learn More



In asking and getting approval to attend national or regional jail training, what factor is the most important?: