A believed first, an inmate uses the 'Make My Day' state law in successful defense against an inmate assault where he stabbed another inmate over 90 times after entering his cell.Learn More
The FCC published its Order WC Docket No. 12-375 governing telephone calling rates for inmates on November 13, 2013.  FCC Commissioners have pledged to make further changes.  Find out the latest news here.Learn More
When snow gets as heavy as it did last week, many people may have trouble making it in to work.  “We have to be prepared to bring in officers, staff, to be sure the jail still functions like it’s just a normal day,” said the jail’s Corrections Emergency Response Team supervisor, Sergeant Christopher Love.Learn More
There is much confusion among jails and administrators regarding PREA.  While compliance to the Act is required, the DOJ PREA standards are NOT mandatory for jails. Learn More



When considering jail training being offered, what factors are the most important to you?: