A Smaller, Better L.A. County Jail?

LOS ANGELES - A majority of the Board of Supervisors wants a smaller jail. Numerous reform advocates and thinkers want a smaller jail. The Times wants a smaller jail — because for too many years the county has squandered one opportunity after another to provide more humane and effective treatment to accused and convicted mentally ill, addicted and impoverished inmates, and has passed up the chance to invest in programs to reduce the likelihood that jail inmates would, after their release, commit more crimes.

Court Tosses Lawsuit Over Alleged Abuse of Young Prisoners

MI - The Michigan appeals court on Wednesday dismissed a major class-action lawsuit by young male prisoners who said guards failed to stop older inmates from sexually abusing them.

The court ruled on technical grounds, not the strength of the allegations, determining that changes to the state's civil rights law in 1999 barred prisoners from filing any lawsuits of this type.

Lawsuit Tossed Alleging Rape of Juveniles in Adult Prisons

LANSING, MI - The Michigan Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit brought on behalf of seven current and former Michigan prison inmates who alleged they were sexually assaulted as juveniles while housed with adults in the state's prisons.

County Jail at Max Capacity, Female Inmates Released

LEBANON, Ohio (AP) - Judges in a western Ohio county say they are frequently releasing female drug offenders without punishment because the county jail is at capacity.

The Dayton Daily News reports the Warren County jail holds 280 inmates with 66 beds designated for females.

Officials say the jail is currently full and won't accept new inmates, which had led to leniency in the courtroom.

Inmate Accused in Pencil Attack on Jail Nurse

IN - An inmate was charged Wednesday with three felonies for allegedly attacking a nurse inside Tippecanoe County Jail last week while armed with a deadly weapon.

That weapon — a pencil — was held menacingly to the nurse’s neck as the defendant, 44-year-old Lisa Morehouse, trapped her victim in a choke hold, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The nurse, who is not identified in court documents, was distributing medication Aug. 20 when Morehouse splashed a cup of water in her face and wrapped her arm around the nurse’s neck, the affidavit states.

Sheriff Touts Jail Upgrades that Save 775K Gallons of Water

Orange County, CA - Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials Tuesday touted drought-inspired changes at the Theo Lacy Jail that they say can save up to 775,000 gallons of water a month.

Officials are testing low-flow toilets at the jail, which has 1,186 toilets for inmates and staff. The toilets use three gallons of water per flush, but the low-flow kits can cut that nearly in half, officials say.

The jail’s 227 showers and 1,131 sinks all now have shut-off valves, too. Inmates use timers for showers.

No Charges In Death Of Inmate At County Jail in Michigan

Detroit, MI - More than three weeks later, James Hutcheson is still calling for the release of a video that captures the last moments of his brother’s life.

No charges will be filed in the death of a Wayne County jail inmate.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy says there’s no “medical connection” between Abdul Akbar’s sudden death last fall and the aggressive actions of jail deputies eight days earlier.

Brother of Man Who Died in County Jail's Lobby Calls for Video's Release

Dallas, TX - Dallas County sheriff won't release video of jail lobby death until investigation is completed.

Joseph Sheldon Hutcheson, 48, an Arlington handyman, died in the lobby of Dallas County jail on August 1. Authorities say the man ran into the building sometime after 10 a.m., yelled for help, was placed in handcuffs, lost consciousness and died.

Family members and a witness say that a deputy put a knee to Hutcheson’s back and throat, causing him to struggle to breathe and leading to his death.

Jail Fight Ends With An Inmate's Ear On The Floor

Beckham County, OK - A bizarre ordeal inside the Beckham County jail ended when an inmate's ear was bitten off, and it happened inside one of the cells.

Jail fights are nothing new, but this one escalated to the point that one inmate ended up with bite marks all over his body and a missing ear.

"Fights in jails? Pretty common,” Beckham County Undersheriff Jeff Bilbo said. “Someone having part of their ear bit off? Not common at all."

Inmates’ Near Escape Exposes Flaws in Oklahoma County Jail

Oklahoma County, OK - Two Oklahoma County inmates are facing more trouble tonight after deputies uncovered a major operation to escape.

It was a bold attempt by two inmates. They were somehow able to saw through 10 – 3/4 inch bolts. They also made a ‘rope’ that could almost reach the ground from the 8th floor. It seems they were eventually hoping to escape. 

“I think the thing that mystifies me the most is their ability to cut through 10 steel bolts,” Sheriff John Whetsel said.

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