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Training is usually one of the key factors a sheriff, corrections administrator or officer must be able to defend when something goes wrong.  Thus, training is a critical component to make jails operationally safe and secure.  While some states unfortunately do not require any jail training for staff whatsoever, the statutory keeper of the jail is certainly responsible in cases of deliberate indifference and liability to prove the staff is trained and aware of duties, responsibilities, policy and procedure within the jail.  Sadly, jail training in most areas of the country is hard to come by for most agencies. And in many cases, the content is not based on case law but rather on the experience of the presenter alone.  This poses potential issues in subjectivity and possible presenter biases that could result in weak liability defense.  To access the best jail training taught by experts in the field is usually costly because one agency can rarely justify the cost of travel.  The goal of the National Institute for Jail Operations is to connect your agency with the nation’s best jail experts and trainers on an affordable budget.




Our events offer extensive benefits for professional development in corrections. Attendees gain valuable insights into current trends, practical skills, and network with peers and experts, fostering a supportive community for career advancement.

JAILCON provides a platform to learn from leading experts, addressing contemporary challenges in corrections. Participants gain a deeper understanding of industry issues, enhancing their professional knowledge and capability to handle complex situations.

Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the educational landscape of corrections, while simultaneously enhancing your organization’s visibility and reputation within this specialized community.

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