ELITE Academy


Empowering Corrections Leadership:
Tailored Excellence in the ELITE Academy

The ELITE Academy offers two specialized programs, each tailored to its specific audience. The Academy for Jail Administrators focuses on operational excellence, leadership skills, and strategic planning in corrections management. The Academy for Attorneys and Risk Managers, on the other hand, delves into legal intricacies, risk management, and liability reduction in correctional facilities. Both programs prioritize hands-on, expert-led instruction, fostering a deep understanding of unique challenges in the corrections field.




Our events offer extensive benefits for professional development in corrections. Attendees gain valuable insights into current trends, practical skills, and network with peers and experts, fostering a supportive community for career advancement.

JAILCON provides a platform to learn from leading experts, addressing contemporary challenges in corrections. Participants gain a deeper understanding of industry issues, enhancing their professional knowledge and capability to handle complex situations.

Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the educational landscape of corrections, while simultaneously enhancing your organization’s visibility and reputation within this specialized community.



ELITE Academy for Corrections & Detention Administrators 

N IJO’s premiere ELITE Academy offers top-tier, legal -based trai ni ng for the following:

This academy features exclusive NIJO legal-based jail training with a targeted administrative focus for jail leadership at the highest level. With a unique curriculum specifically designed for jail and correction administrators and executives, attendees will receive training and hands-on instruction facilitated by the nation’s top experts. Limiting the number of participants per session in a world-class setting enhances the individual learning experience while building career spanning relationships through classroom and off-site events among attendees and NIJO Executive Staff.

If you are looking for the best training available for command staff personnel, the ELITE Academy for Jail Administrators will provide essential skills necessary to perform at the highest level.

Choose from one of the following sessions in 2024:

Class #5 – February 5-9, 2024
Class #6 – September 23-27, 2024

ELITE Academy for Attorneys & Risk Managers

This training has been specially designed for county attorneys and risk managers and will provide invaluable tools to represent corrections and detention clients and to guide proactive risk reduction strategies.  Attendees will learn proactive defense strategies that will not only posture litigation for the best outcome, but will also guide proactive exposure reduction strategies to guard against future litigation.

ELITE Academy for Attorneys and Risk Managers is taught by preeminent corrections defense litigators with decades of experience representing city, county, state, federal, and private jails, prisons, and detention centers across the country.

Class #1 – February 7-9, 2024
Class #2 – September 25-27, 2024

Read the full FCC Final Ruling here.

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