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Corrections administrators should use NIJO self-auditsThere are few professions which, on a day-to-day basis, face such an unpredictable, fluid, and potentially volatile environment as does corrections management.  Thus, correctional administrators must plan, develop, implement, and constantly improve operational strategies to protect against liability, adverse publicity, staff misconduct, prisoner assaults or disturbances, or operational dysfunction resulting in adverse news media coverage, loss of public confidence, and political difficulties. One of the most proactive ways an agency can defend itself in preventing harmful events and prisoner filed litigation is by adopting and implementing meaningful self audits.

Self audits, when conducted properly, discover potential weaknesses through a verification process that measures and documents policies, procedures and operations to specific guidelines and standards based on what the law requires.  NIJO offers the most advanced web-based auditing tools designed specifically for corrections so that organizations can proactively manage their institutions affordably and with increased confidence.

Through these self audit resources, correctional administrators can defend their facilities against lawsuits more successfully than any other resource previously available and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and labor. Additionally, the system may be utilized for training purposes and incorporate additional audits, assessments, contract compliance, and inspection checklists/standards to increase productivity and enhance administrative insight to the well-being of individual departments as a whole. The online auditing system developed by NIJO experts allows for unlimited users with various rights and roles, predetermined by the agency, that documents all work performed by individual users and outside auditors, as determined by the agency. Corrections administrators have the ability to manage, track, monitor and follow up on compliance using a unique corrective action module designed specifically for detention and correctional facilities.


Unlimited users

Flexibility to centrally manage all audits and inspections under one system

Easily update standards and guidelines

Dashboards, reports and charts allow administrators to see real-time results

Auto-export information to PDF and Excel

Corrective action to assign tasks to individuals and due

Message boards

Linked to email for communication

All action is documented date-stamp-time for use in court

In addition to the online system exclusively available through NIJO, corrections administrators often require assistance developing audit programs for their agencies.  NIJO has qualified experts who have assisted in the creation and development of audit programs being used now in over 19 states. To find out more about the numerous auditing resources available to jails and detention facilities, please contact NIJO. Contact NIJO