I Am Possible – A Program by the City of North Las Vegas Community Corrections Center

In 2020, the City of North Las Vegas reopened their corrections facility with a new mission—to make a real difference in the lives of inmates. The goal of reducing recidivism can seem unobtainable or far-fetched, but when Jurea Williams was hired as the Community Services Specialist, she understood the tall task in front of her and was ready to make it happen. She began developing a program that didn’t just keep the inmate population occupied but also made a noticeable difference in recidivism.


Legal Advisory Alert: Justice Catalyst Law (JCL)

In partnership with the Western States Sheriffs’ Association, the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) began analyzing the JCL’s background, intentions, letter contents and distribution patterns, and is analyzing potential outcomes which might affect the operations, policy, and potential litigation liability exposure for corrections agencies across the country.


Kansas Supervisory Training

  The Kansas Jail Training Academy (KJTA) continues to operate successfully for basic training for corrections officers, however, many agencies have expressed the need to offer corresponding legal-based training specifically designed for supervisors. With input from the KSA Jail Committee, the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) has designed a curriculum in 8 core supervisory areas. Attendees are encouraged to…


Why We Need to Defend Qualified Immunity in Jails

By Tate McCotter, Executive Director National Institute for Jail Operations     Sheriffs and jail administrations come to know liability in an up close and personal manner which few other professions face on a regular basis.  Most every sheriff might as well adopt “D” as their middle initial – it will stand for “Defendant” soon…