AJAC 3rd Quarter Training Session

Perhaps one of the lessor discussed issues administrations face is not inmate-related challenges but rather staffing and personnel matters. In a recent 2020 report, 86% of detention facilities documented they are dealing with significant staffing shortages. These difficult circumstances extend far beyond custody, care and control. Discussion will include proactive measures and priority areas to focus on as administrators.


RESCHEDULED TO March 10th – AJAC 1st Quarter Training Session

The Alabama Jail Administrator Council will host an open forum to share and discuss hot topics and management issues Alabama jail administrators are currently facing. NIJO and ASA express gratitude to Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for hosting this quarter’s training session.


ACCA Alabama Jail Training Academy: Searches and Use of Force

The Alabama Jail Training Academy offers legal-based jail training curriculum developed by the National Institute for Jail Operations, with advice and assistance from the Alabama Sheriffs Association and the ACCA Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Funds.

Instructors will be jail officers from around the state who have been trained by the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO).