Crisis and Conflict: Federal vs. State and Local Law Enforcement

by Stan Ellsworth I believe The Constitution to be an inspired document. It was written to divide and balance the powers of government between the States and the newly created federal entity. At that time, federalism was spelled with a lowercase “f”. Times have changed. After the war between the States, and during the “progressive…


Involuntary Administration of Anti-Psychotic Medication in Jails

Involuntary Administration of Anti-Psychotic Medication in Jails By Expert:  Gary DeLand   Responsibility for General Medical Care Sheriffs and jail officials have a duty to provide a means for prisoners to receive adequate medical care.  They do not, of course, participate or have a role in the actual direct delivery of medical services.  Sheriffs have…


Knowing the Differences Between National Standards, Contract Agreements and Legal-Based Guidelines

By Tate McCotter, NIJO Executive Director A September 12, 2018, headline from the Huffington Post stated “Muslim Inmate Claims Kansas Prison Officers Harassed Her Over Headscarf.”1  The news article explains how the national legal advocacy group Muslim Advocates notified the Leavenworth Detention Center (LDC), the Department of Justice and the US Marshals Service the “actions…


Karl Malone’s Message to our Men and Women in Uniform

This is Karl Malone. This article is dedicated to YOU–our men and women in uniform, corrections officers, law enforcement officers, first responders, and everyone who protects our freedoms every single day.   After the justice system has run its’ course, the appeals and sentences, I know this is when the work really begins. You do…