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With great encouragement and support from numerous sheriffs, jail administrators and risk management entities, the National Institute for Jail Operations in partnership with the Alabama Sheriffs’ Association created the Alabama Jail Administrators Council (AJAC).  Though great efforts have been made in Alabama to elevate the jails professionally by many agencies, organizations and individuals through the years, no advanced jail training existed for jail administrators on a regular basis.  AJAC was created in 2019 to answer the need which many have expressed for affordable, quality, legal-based training accessible for all jail administrators more frequently.


The primary goals of AJAC are as follows:

  • Fill the current statewide jail administrative management training void by providing an ongoing training and discussion venue for all jail administrators;
  • Proactively address jail administrative and operational issues rather than reacting to litigation;
  • Create unity among the jails in purpose and direction to support the office of sheriff and increase the overall professionalism through use of legal-based resources; and
  • Provide documentation to defend against failure to train and deliberate indifference from an administration.

All jail administrators are invited and encouraged to voluntarily participate as members of the council.  If the jail administrator cannot attend, they may send an alternate attendee who serves in a leadership position at the jail (only one representative per an agency).  AJAC covers its administrative and operating expenses primarily through solicited vendor sponsorships and by NIJO grants and a nominal registration fee of $25 per person.

Meetings will be held quarterly with locations selected upon input of the Alabama Sheriffs’ Association leadership, volunteering host agencies, regional locations (rotating to include as many jails as possible), and other logistical factors.  AJAC and host agencies will work closely together to coordinate the specific training. The host agency will provide a suitable location for training, all audio-visual needs, and print training handouts as needed. Topics for discussion and training will be based upon feedback by members and Alabama Sheriffs’ Association leadership.



Alabama Basic Corrections Academy
ABC Academy (Alabama Basic Corrections Academy) – Live Session 1

ABC Academy for offers 72 hours of legal-based training combining online (pre-requisite) training with live training taught by some of the top experts in corrections.

LIVE TRAINING – $130/person
June 6-8, 2022 (3 Days)
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Pell City Municipal Complex
1000 Bruce Etheridge Parkway, Pell City, AL
Hosted by St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office