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The NCCS Certification Journey

This certification is for all jail supervisors and jail administrators. This certification is based on core curriculum specific to jail supervisors, command staff and administrators. Required NCCS curriculum is derived upon what supervisors need to know to make good legal-based decisions and confidently lead other staff in running a constitutionally safe facility. The fee for certification covers the certification costs only. All training required toward certification must be paid for separately, including DACOTA.

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The National Institute of Jail Operations (NIJO) offers vital services to enhance the safety and security of correctional facilities through legal education, accreditation, and resource provision, setting the standard for excellence in correctional operations.


All applicants, regardless of NIJO Certification designation, must meet the following requirements and provide the associated proofs of documentation as follows:

  • Applicant must have no felony convictions. Provide the following form of documentation:
    • Letter from agency administrator on agency letterhead with dates of employment and lack of felony.


  • (For U.S. veterans only) Applicant must not have been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. military. Please provide the following form of documentation (if applicable):
    • Copy of DD-214 form; if in the Reserves show proof of status.


  • Applicant must have a clear record of disciplinary action from any state, province or territory, or licensing or certification board within the past 10 years, nor subject under any such investigation. Provide the following form of documentation:
    • Letter from agency administrator on agency letterhead confirming the requirement met.


To qualify for the National Certified Corrections Supervisor (NCCS) program, candidates must fulfill a series of specific requirements. These include relevant work experience and and successful completion of legal-based training modules, culminating in a comprehensive assessment to demonstrate their proficiency in key areas of correctional operations. 

All applicants must meet the following specific requirements:

  • Minimum of 70 total NIJO-certified training hours (38 Credit Hours of Required Areas of Focus and 32 Elective Credit Hours) and corresponding testing. This can be met through:
  • Relevant Work Experience: Two (2) years minimum work experience in jail, detention facility or support.
  • Re-Certification: Once certification is earned, it will remain current for 2 years from the last date of recognition. To maintain certification, applicants must provide proof of 15 hours of NIJO approved continuing education annually thereafter.


The application process for the National Certified Corrections Supervisor (NCCS) program is designed to be thorough yet straightforward. Interested candidates must complete an online application, providing detailed information about their background, experience, and training. This step is followed by submitting required documentation to verify eligibility. The process ensures that all applicants meet the necessary criteria for certification, maintaining the high standards of the NCCS program.


Complete the registration form  and make payment for certification.

*PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the Certification process DOES NOT include access to the DACOTA Online Training Platform. If you are interested in gaining access to DACOTA, please complete an interest form here.


After submitting your registration and payment, you will receive your payment receipt and the Certification Application Form.


Begin tracking “LEGAL-BASED” (NIJO-Approved) training. All reported training needs to be accrued after the date you have registered and paid for certification. Exceptions may be approved if training was completed within a 6 month period prior to your initial certification registration.

Legal-Based training is training that includes case law that is taught based on facts, avoiding political correctness and bias. DACOTA and all NIJO Instructors, JAILCON Conferences and all NIJO training seminars and academies are pre-approved for certification credit because of our rigorous instructor vetting process. Other training MUST be approved by submitting the following:

  • Instructor CV
  • All training materials
  • All tests with 100% Score


All training requires a test score of 100%. The rationale and basis for our 100% pass requirement is predicated on failure to train issues often targeting jail administrations and sheriffs. If training required only an 80% or even 90% passing grade, a party suing the jail may make a claim that the Supervisor involved in the incident being questioned failed 10% of the training, which that specific 10% happened to be a critical component to the operations or practices being questioned in the lawsuit.

A complete 100% passing grade provides the administration and Supervisors the ability to respond to such frivolous claims, being able to successfully show that on a specific day and time, the Supervisor learned, understood, and comprehended 100% of the material necessary to fulfill his/her duties as it related to that specific topic.

Certificate documentation and practices, whether online or with live training, requiring a 100% passing score eliminates any potentiality for failure to train or lack of comprehension in the training itself. NIJO is fully committed to helping sheriffs and administrators proactively defend against liability issues.


Once you have completed all of the required training to qualify for the intended NIJO Certification level, submit your application to: 

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Due to the nature and length of the time required to complete the certification process, there will be NO REFUNDS given on Certification Registration Fees for all levels.   If at any time you should have any questions about the requirements, approved training, or anything else, please let us know by emailing us at or by calling us at
(801) 810-JAIL (5245).
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